CS Network

CS Network is a non profit organisation founded 2014 by 6 women. Its mission is to create a union of sisterhood that empowers and uplifts underprivileged communities. In the last 2 years they have been working on a number of charity projects and one of them was to work a children’s home in Chikwakwa called Shearley Cripps. They have donated clothing and food, and in 2014 they organised a soccer match with the kids there at the home and those that were not playing helped the make burgers for lunch! In April 2015, Unplugged partnered up with CS Network for the book drive. The audience was encouraged to bring along old or new books to donate towards opening a library at Shearly Cripps children’s home. It is still an ongoing process and you will be seeing them at each Unplugged. If you want to find out more, you can contact Lienne on 0772159370.

With Love Foundation

With Love Foundation

With Love Foundation is a non-profit community engagement organisation that pursues sustainable community engagement solutions geared towards urban challenges and target groups. With Love Soup Kitchen Project that remains the flagship project of the organization. They carry out interventions to benefit the community as well as to empower them through our various activities including, skills training, clean-up campaigns, clothes redistribution, community garden and various other methods of intervention. In April 2015, Unplugged partnered up with With Love Foundation for the easter egg hunt. The proceeds of that went towards the soup kitchen project in Mbare where they feed 100s of people every week. Recently they started selling With Love Foundation branded t shirts which they will be selling at each Unplugged event. Visit their website http://www.withlove.co.zw to read more about the work they do and how you can help!

ladies  circle zim one

Ladies Circle Zimbabwe

Ladies Circle Zimbabwe is part of Ladies Circle International which was founded in 1959 as a non profit organization of dynamic women from the ages of 18 to 45. It has more than 12000 members in 37 countries across the globe. Ladies Circle Zimbabwe was formed in 2009 and it adheres to the Ladies Circle International motto of Friendship and Service. Each Circle has a service project that they work on, trying to make a difference in their communities and Ladies Circle Zim One has partnered with Zimbabwe Albinism Association. In September 2015, Unplugged partnered with Ladies Circle Zim One on the hat and sunglass drive. The audience was encouraged to bring along hats and sunglasses to the event and they managed to collect over 100 hats and 25 pairs of sunglasses as well as sun screen lotions from donations. Since then, Ladies Circle Zim One has had a fruit bar at each Unplugged event and the proceeds go towards helping the Zimbabwe Albinism Association. Visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lczim1 to see the amazing work they are doing!