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Interested in volenteering at Unplugged?


Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a volunteer at Unplugged! Volunteers can be of great importance in helping us run a smooth event. Volunteers will gain entry to the event by volunteering for a minimum of 8 hours. Volunteers need to be 18 years and over.

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What type of volunteering are you hoping to do:

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What type of previous experience do you have:

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Partners & Sponsors

Unplugged is not just a music event, but an original and growing lifestyle brand. Would you like to become a sponsor? Expose your company or organization to over 1000 event-goers each month. For more information about audience demographics and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Unplugged team on 0739428196 or 0731065932 or via email on unpluggedzimbabwe@gmail.com. Get on board!